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Electrical installations at commercial buildings often include new power connections as well as upgrading of the existing power supply. Inside the buildings these installations will be power supply points i.e. plugs and lights. Often in these cases the lights will be part of displays at building entrances. It can also be a requirement for outside and walkway lights. Retail buildings require more power installations than that of an administration building as it is often a requirement that retail spaces have kitchens were food in prepared for customers. Here we step in with a design for power plugs were kitchen equipment is required and hydro-boilers for the provision of hot water.

Fire Detection

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Fire detection installations in commercial and retail buildings is an early warning detection & fire alarm that can be connected to doors and other installations depending on the requirements of the buildings. These detectors are important in commercial and retail buildings as there are often kitchens, flammable gases and goods that can cause a fire.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

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Air-conditioning and ventilation installations at retail properties often include refrigeration units in cold-rooms. Offices, warehouses and public areas within commercial and retail facilities have air-conditioning units installed and extractor fans in restrooms.

Fire Protection

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Due to the fact that commercial and retail buildings often have a lot of flammable goods in it is essential for these buildings to have fire protection systems installed. These systems are things like fire extinguishers, hose reels and sprinkler systems.


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Another important installation in the construction of commercial and retail buildings is that of generators. Now a days generator installations are essential as it can prevent downtime for retail companies therefore no loss of income.


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Telecommunications installation in commercial and retail buildings refer to the installation of access control, CCTV’s and public address systems.

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