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Our Services



  • Electricity supply Networks
  • Rural and Urban Distribution
  • Roadway and Area Lighting
  • High mast and flood lighting


Experience includes:

  • Liaison with Client Bodies to define project brief
  • Liaison with Supply Authorities to identify existing electricity network capacity
  • Preparation of load forecasts and assessment of the ability of the existing network to meet the present and future projected loads
  • Design and specification of electricity networks utilising both underground and overhead components, including route selection
  • Design and specification of indoor and outdoor substations
  • Design and specification of network and substation protection requirements
  • Preparation of the estimated project costs
  • Implementation of the tender process
  • Construction supervision, including commissioning of completed Works
  • Provision of direct supervision over community-based project components
  • Assistance with information transfer to the Community Structures regarding the safe operating and maintenance of electricity network


Building Services

  • Administration facilities
  • Commercial buildings and retail facilities
  • Education institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Housing and Related Projects
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Water Purification, reticulation and sewage systems


Experience includes :

  • Liaison with Client Bodies to define project brief
  • Design and specifications for all electrical and related services including :
    - Bulk electricity service connections
    - Low voltage reticulation and distribution
    - Energy management systems
    - Power factor correction (maximum demand control) systems
    - Building management systems
    - Standby power and uninterruptible power supplies i.e. diesel-driven generators, un-interruptible power supply units
    - Alternative energy supplies i.e. diesel-driven generators, solar power generators
    - Internal and external (general) lighting
    - Small power
    - Large power i.e. electricity supplies to refrigeration, heating, machinery type equipment
    - Specialised lighting and power systems i.e. automated systems, theatre operating lighting, earth leakage and insulation monitoring systems, x-ray systems, sports lighting
    - Telecommunications services i.e. telephone systems, data systems, nurse-call systems, intercom and public address services, television systems
    - Security services i.e. access and security control systems, security management systems, closed circuit television systems, intruder alarm and panic alarm systems, library book scanning systems
    - Lightning protection and specialised earthing services
    - Kitchen equipment
    - Laundry equipment
    - Telemetry and telecontrol systems
    - Early warning detection and alarm (fire detection) systems
  • Design and specifications for all mechanical and related services including :
    - Air-conditioning services i.e. localised air-conditioning units, package plants, lamina flow
    - Fire signage
    - Fire fighting services i.e. manual and automated extinguishing systems, sprinkler systems, smoke control
    - Medical gas services i.e. medical air generation systems, vacuum generation systems, piped medical air, oxygen, vacuum, scavenging, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide systems
    - Space heating
  • Ventilation and extraction services i.e. ducted ventilation, heat, fume and odour extraction
    - Preparation of the estimated project costs
    - Implementation of the tender process
    - Construction supervision, including commissioning of completed Works

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